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Thank you for coming to our Church web site for information about what you or your church needs to do to join Christ Catholic Church - Worldwidee, an Independent, Orthodox, Western Rite, Catholic Jurisdiction.
Before we begin, we would like to make a statement regarding those who contact us who want to join Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide:

Many people and Independent Catholic Churches from all over the world come to us in hopes of joining Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide, with the impression or idea in their minds that since we are located in the United States, that we will give them money to support their Church and Ministries.  The first several questions everyone asks us is...
"How much money can you send us to pay our bills and our Priests if we join Christ Catholic Church - Worlwide?"


"I need money to support my Christian Mission and to attend Seminary and money to live on."

These questions do not reflect a spirit of Christianity and a desire to work for our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  The first and foremost question anyone who wants to join Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide should as us is...
"What can I do to promote God's Love and the spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to help others and to get them to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and to help the less-fortunate?"

From these two questions, you and Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide can start a dialogue and will see what your true intentions are in your walk with Jesus Christ, and what we can do to help you or your Church or ministry grow within and around your community and within Christ Catholic Churcdh - Worldwide.

The above questions are very important to Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide because we are a small, Independent, Catholic Church Jurisdiction, with very limited financial resources, and are growing globally.  We want to see you and your Church and its Clergy spread the unconditional love, compassion, and Gospel of Jesus Christ, and help the less fortunate.

If you are contacting Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide, to ask for money for you, your Church or Mission Programs, we are sorry, but we are unable to help you at this time.  Presently, we are not in a financial position to assist other Churches.  If you still have a calling top joing Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide, please read below:


The most important, basic about Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide is:
1.  Who we are as an Orthodox Western Rite Catholic Body of Jesus Christ;

2.  What we expect of Church Parishioners, what we expect of our Clergy, and;

3.  What we expect in Christian discipline within our Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide Jurisdiction.

Before considering coming into our Church Body, you have to understand some simple applications of the Christian Faith that we expect of everyone within our Church, to apply in their daily lives and to apply to become Parishioners, Clergy, and Churches within our Catholic Jurisdiction:

You must understand that our overall commitment to God is to witness to others and share the Good News of Jesus Christ, and do the will of the Lord by helping the less fortunate and those who have lost their way in life.

Your commitment to the Catholic Faith and Our Church should be a part of your daily life and must include in your heart:
  • 1.  No matter how hard we try, we cannot save ourselves or get rid of our sins.  We can’t earn our way to heaven by being good, going to church, or being baptized (Ehpesians. 2:8-9);
  • 2.  We accept Everyone in our Church as long as they confess the Catholic Faith.  (John 13:34);
  • 3.  That we all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God - we were all born as sinners.  (Romans 3:23);
  • 4.  That the penalty for sin is death—separation from God in hell forever.  (Romans 6:23);
  • 5.  The we Accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior.  (Romans 10:9-10);
  • 6.  That you are required to be Baptized in the Catholic Faith, confess with your tongue that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe in your heart that God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead.  (Romans 10:9);
  • 7.  That in three days Jesus arose from the dead and ascended into Heaven.  (1 Corinthians 15:4);
  • 8.  That Jesus now sits on the right Hand of the Father speaking and interceding on our behalf;
  • 9.  That Mother Mary, the Queen Mother of Jesus Christ, the Queen Mother of the Catholic faith, conceived Christ Jesus as a Virgin in the immaculate conception, watches over us, and through Jesus Christ, intercedes on our behalf.  (Matthew 1:18, 23);
  • 10.  That you believe in the Triune God (The Trinity - the Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit)).  (2 Corinthians 13:14);
  • 11.  That you believe and accept with all of your Heart that our Statement of Beliefs and Faith, Church Canons, and Doctrinal Standing and Position, is the Law that governs and guides our Faith, Our Church Faithful (Parishioners), and its Leaders, and will promote this Faith and the unconditional love and unity that Jesus Christ demands of His people.  (2 Timothy 2:15; 2 Timothy 3:16);
  • 12.  That you have unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance of others.  (John 13:34-35, 1 John 4:19-20, John 15:12-13);
  • 13.  That we are commanded to humble ourselves in humility and servitude helping the less fortunate of the world. (Philippians 4:11, 19, Matthew 25:44-45);
  • 14.  That you accept the Seven Holy Sacraments;
Our Primary Focus Of Our Faith Is That...


Many people have been subjected to humiliation, harm, ridicule, and many attempted suicide, for who they are as a person.  Many governments condemn people to die for who they are or are cast-out of society, making them beg on the streets and are stripped of their dignity because of who they are.  Many mainline Catholic and Protestant Churches do not even allow a person in their Church if the person is dirty and soiled and is wearing dirty and soiled clothes, or lives an alternative lifestyle or has a gender identity that is different than the one born with.

Most people coming out of jails and prisons are shunned by society once they are free and have served their sentence in full, only to be forced into a situation where they cannot get a job or a meal to feed themselves and are forced to live on the street and to beg for survival.  Many, many, many people are living below the poverty level or living on the streets with families and have nowhere to go.

Almost all of these people, and many people who have jobs and can sustain themselves, are lost in their walk in life.  They need encouragement, hope, and a vision for a brighter future, but do not know where to find the peace in their lives that will give them encouragement, hope and a vision for the future.

Jesus Christ will give everyone who asks, a new hope in life and will keep them moving forward to positive goals.  It is these people that come to us to join Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide to become a part of the Catholic Faith family as Members or to join our Clergy Team and become Novices and Priests or to a higher calling.

We welcome everyone to become a part of our Church Family.  For those who have the desire by God to become a Priest or hold another position on our Clergy Team, we choose those who God has called to the Mission to become part of our Clergy Team.  Not everyone who applies to become a Deacon, Brother, Nun, Mother superior, Priest, Monsignor or Bishop is accepted.  But, to those who want to become Parishioners, we accept all who want to become a Member of our Church Body - WE REFUSE NO ONE!!!

If you would like to join our Church as a Member, or your Church would like to become a Church under our Catholic Jurisdiction, then YOU and/or YOUR CHURCH MUST agree and adhere to our Doctrinal and Faith Belief and Doctrinal policies and the Catholic Canons that we adhere to (which is very much in-line with the Roman Catholic Canons, but with some differences).

We are "Sub Conditione" Catholics, which are Catholics confirmed and blessed under both the Roman (Western) Rite and the Byzantine (Eastern) Rite in the Catholic Faith.


TO BECOME A MEMBER (A Parishioner - not a Clergy):  If you would like to become a Parishioner as an individual Member in Christ Catholic Church - Worldwide, please e-mail us your name, Address, telephone number and Country you are in, to:  JoinChurchNow@cccww.org

TO BECOME A CLERGY (Novice):  If you would like to study in our Seminary in the United States to become a Priest, please e-mail us your name, Church Name, Address, telephone number and Country you are in with an explanation of your request, schooling, and age, to:  JoinChurchPriest@cccww.org

TO BE INCARDINATED INTO OUR CATHOLIC JURISDICTION:  If you would like to be Incardinated into our Independent Catholic Church Jurisdiction, please e-mail us your name, Church Name, Address, telephone number and Country in and a request outlining your credentials, to:  Incardination@cccww.org

TO HAVE YOUR CHURCH CHARTED UNDER OUR JURISDICTION:  If you would like to have your Church join Christ Catholic Church - worldwide and charted under our jurisdiction, please e-mail us your name, your title or Church position, your Church Name, Address, telephone number, Country you are in, with information about your Church and current denomination, to:  JoinChurchCharter@cccww.org

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