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Below are general descriptions of available Training and Employment (Job) Opportunities in the Computer Information Technology ("IT") Fields with the Church and its Affiliated Companies and Mission Programs located in many countries.


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Our primary focus is to place you in an employment position that rewards you for your knowldge and expertise in the Computer Information Technology field  If you possess exceptional computer programming and network skills and have experience in Java, Flash, V-Basic, C++, Unix & Linux, MySQL, PHP, ASP, Hacking, and other software and network application development environments we have employment (jobs) available worldwide.

You can either work for our Catholic Church Business Development Services Program or you can work for one of the Church's affiliated companies

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  • You will be placed in the most appropriate setting and as close to your specialty as possible;
  • You will work for our affiliated Independent Catholic Church organization and be paid by our Church allowing you to gain valuable work experience, while awaiting to be hired by another employer to upgrade your career;
  • In our program, you will be assigned where and when needed;
  • We will provide housing on a shared-cost basis (you live with other persons and share the house and bedroom, you pay a share of the cost of the rent).  Women will reside with women and men will reside with men.  Each residence there will be two people per bedroom or one person per bedroom depending upon the particular residence and employment position;
  • Your Recruiter wil inform you of what your salary\wages will be, and you will pay for your own living and housing expenses;
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QUALIFICATIONS\REQUIREMENTS - Each Candidate must abide by the following:

  • Possess a high Grade Point Average ("GPA");
  • Speak, read, write and understand the English language fluently;
  • You must be prepared and ready for an immediate interview at the Embassy of the Host country you will be traveling to to participate in a training program and\or to start your employment (job);
  • Be able to travel within thirty (30) days to ninety (90) days;
  • You will be required to pay for and provide your own travel arrangements to the training program and\or to your employment (job) destination;
  • You will be required to pay the Visa fees to the Host Country;
  • You are required to be interviewed by a Church or Training Program School Representative or its designated Representative in-person (in the event the Representative has to travel to your country to interview you, you will be responsible for the cost of travel, meals and lodging of the representative);
  • You are required to sign a Recruiting Agreement with the Recruiter or Representative and if hired, an Employment (Job) Contract with the Church or one of its affiliated companies;
  • To qualify, additional criteria may be required by the Church or other Employers;
  • One or more above requirements may be waived or modified by the Church or its affiliated Company.
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DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED (all in English and Certified by Apostille):

  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • 6 Letters of Reference from Friends, Colleagues, Teachers\Professors, etc.;
  • 4 Passport size color photos;
  • Copy of Birth Certificate;
  • Copy of Passport;
  • Copy of Identification from your Country of Citizenship;
  • Copy of Certified School Transcripts;
  • Copy of your Collge\university Degree Diploma;
  • A Contract\Agreement with your Recruiter guaranteeing the Recruitment services to be performed and the Training and Employment (Job) palcement and Visa sponsorship GUARANTEE;
  • ...any other documentation that may be required by the Host country's Embassy, the Church or its Representative;
  • One or more above requirements may be waived or modified by the Church or its affiliated Company.
The Church or its Representative will work with you in in preparing your required documentation.

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FEES, PAYMENTS & REFUNDS (more fully described in your Consulting Agreement):

Fees:   For Information on Fees please contact your Recruiter.  See below "NOTE" for additional information about fees).

Payment of Fees:  There is a required down payment to reserve employment position and to defray the administrative and processing costs of the interview and documentation preparation.  This fee is paid when employment position is reserved (we hold the position open for you until your Visa paperwork is approved.  The remaining balance of the fee will be paid by you to the Recruiter or its designated Representative when you obtain your Visa.  To pay the fees please follow the instructions of your Recruiter or the Church Representative.

Refunds:  Different than other immigration programs, in the event you are unable to obtain a Visa to the country where the Training Program and Employment (Job) position is located, the Recruiter will refund all or a portion of your fees, depending upon your agreement with the recruiter.  Please refer to your Recruiter for the details of the Refund Policy.

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Periodically, special employment and immigration programs are offered by the Church that can get a person to the United States much quicker, or employers are seeking a specially skilled person for a particular, special-needs program\job paying a higher salary.  To find out about current Special Programs, please e-mail the Church or ask your Representative of the Church or your Recruiter for current information on Special Programs.  There are additional costs for these programs.

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To get started for IT Professionals is simple:

  • Contact the Recruiter to schedule an appointment for immediate interview;
  • Reserve your employment position and interview by paying the Recruiter the appropriate fees for application processing, interview, position reservation and training program fees;
  • Work closely with your Recruiter to put together the required documents, and have the Recruiter submit the required documents to the appropriate Church Office;
  • At the interview with the Recruiter, sign the appropriate documents and agreements with the Recruiter for the Recruiter to provide services to you;
  • The Church will arrange all other matters with you at the interview, through the Recruiter.
PLEASE NOTE:  You are responsible to pay for all expenses such as the Country Government Fees for the Visa, all fees to fax and mail and courier all copies of documents to the Church or its designated Representative wherever the Representative is located, pay your transpiration costs to the host country, and pay your own housing and other living expenses while in the host country.   You will be notified of any additional services, costs and fees during the interview.

Getting Started....   If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please e-mail us  Jobs are limited.

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