An Old Catholic Orthodox Jurisdiction

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Below is a summary of our Catechism

(PLEASE NOTE:  Our Church is in the process of merging with other independent Catholic jurisdictions and reorganizing and working to align itself with the Canons of Rome and the hierarchal organizational structure of the Roman Catholic Church (at least a close similarity within our Faith and doctrinal Belief structure).  This is being done because our Church's history is rooted in the Roman and Orthodox Catholic Churches, and the Old Catholic Church doctrine is founded on the Roman Catholic Doctrine (the Western Rite).  Our work is not an abbreviation of the Roman Catholic Faith nor its Doctrinal Policies, Standing and Position. We believe in the seven Sacraments and in the Catholic Faith.

Christ Catholic Church is one of many branches of Catholicism.  We maintain our independence in a separate Jurisdiction of the Catholic Faith and still adhere to the Old Catholic Orthodox beliefs and faith as stated in our Statement and Confession of Faith, but will be more in-line with the Roman Catholic Church in our structure and most of the Roman Canon Law, with some identification an association with Catholic Orthodoxy.

The below links take you to our History, Catechism, and Canon Law pages.  These pages lists our Statement and Confession of Faith describing what we believe in, and the Canon Law page lists our General Canon Laws which are in force until our Church completes a merger with several other Catholic Jurisdictions coming under our Church Jurisdiction, which we will then post in this web site a comprehensive Canon Law.  After the mergers are completed we will adopt a revised Statement and Confession of Faith and Canon Laws.

Though we strive to align ourselves with Rome and currently follow and practice the Western Rite Mass (Roman Catholic Mass), and eventually our Church hierarchy and structure will be similar to the Roman Catholic Church, we are not and will not be under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church or the Roman Catholic Pope - we are, and will always remain, an independent Catholic Jurisdiction.  However, we do follow the mandates of the Pope in the overall operation of the Catholic Church as a Universal whole Catholic Church.  We will still allow our Clergy to marry, including our Bishops, and our Holy Communion Table and Sacraments will always be free, open, and available to all who wish to share with us in the Eucharist\Sacraments, among other beliefs we will still keep as the basic tenets of our faith.

Our Church existence is of the Devine intervention of God, and our mission is spreading the Good News (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) winning souls for God, and to help the less fortunate of our global Christian community, even extending our help to others of different faiths and beliefs.

In our efforts to merge with other independent Catholic Jurisdictions and also in working to bring our Church in-line with the Roman Catholic Church in many areas, we use various terms from the Roman Catholic hierarchy and structure (Western Rite) and some terms from the Orthodox Catholic Church (Eastern or Byzantine Rite).

In the mean time, while the Church is defining its Church hierarchy and structure and completes it reorganization and mergers, the term "Pastor" and "Priest" shall mean a validly ordained Priest.  The terms "Synod of Bishops", "Holy Synod", "House of Bishops", "Curia", and "College of Bishops" shall refer to and mean "Holy Synod" - they are all one-in-the-same.  For the time being, we will refer to this body as "Holy Synod".  The Holy Synod is a group of Bishops that govern and administer the affairs of the Church under the Holy See of the Synod, the Hly Synod Archbishop.

To read about our Church history, Catechism, and Canon Law, please click on the links below:

Our Catechism - Our Statement and Confession of Faith

Our Canon Law
At The Present Time - Use The Roman Catholic Canon Law)

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